CRM Integration

Powerful CRM integrationSend campaigns & view reports from directly inside your CRM.

Intuitive CRM integration

Our CRM Integration Applications put the power of Campaignmaster directly inside your CRM.

Build subscriber lists, launch campaign templates and view reporting stats all from within the comfort of your CRM system*. With no additional software to learn, sending and managing campaigns is quick and easy.

All of our CRM Integration Applications also include full database synchronisation, so your subscriber data is always fresh and up-to-date.

*Features dependant on CRM system
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Salesforce integration

The Campaignmaster Salesforce application allows you to send and manage campaigns directly inside Salesforce. Salesforce contacts can be quickly added to a subscriber list, and campaigns can be launched without ever needing to login to Campaignmaster.

  • Create subscriber lists
  • Fully test & launch campaigns
  • View reporting statistics
  • No need to learn new software
Salesforce Integration
Salesforce Sync 1

Workbooks integration

Workbooks is a powerful CRM which has an unique, powerful integration with Campaignmaster, allowing users to send HTML campaigns from within Workbooks.

  • Define, search and save targeted lists within Workbooks
  • Select templates, add campaign details, test and launch all within Workbooks
  • Full comprehensive campaign results available within Workbooks shown at both a campaign and drill down recipient level
  • Fully managed opt outs and bounces across both platforms
Workbooks Integration 1
Workbooks Integration 2

CRM Integration - Sage Act logo

Sage ACT! integration

The Campaignmaster Sage ACT! application can be accessed directly within Sage ACT! for data synchronisation and reporting statistics without the need to login to Campaignmaster.

  • Scheduled & manual data synchronisation
  • Full Campaignmaster field mapping
  • Subscriber level reporting in Sage ACT! contacts

Microsoft Dynamics integration

Campaignmaster's Microsoft Dynamics integration allows two-way data synchronisation, in addition to displaying campaign statistics and reporting right inside the Dynamics interface.

  • 2 way data synchronisation
  • Automation setup
  • Automatically update Dynamics with campaign behavioural information
CRM Integration - Sage Act logo

OpenCRM integration

The integration of OpenCRM and Campaignmaster enables you to build campaign lists in OpenCRM, using Campaignmaster to actually launch the campaigns and record the subsequent interactions. You can track emails sent, received, rejected, opened and clicked through. A number of these statistics are fed back into OpenCRM to give you a snapshot of the success rate of your campaign.

  • Create subscriber lists
  • Launch email campaigns
  • View reporting statistics
OpenCRM Integration - OpenCRM logo

Data synchronisation as standard

All of our Integration Applications come with full data synchronisation as standard. This means that all of your subscriber lists and data are automatically uploaded into Campaignmaster and always kept up-to-date.

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