CRM Synchronisation

Effortless CRM synchronisation Use our CRM connectors or API integration to benefit from automatic data synchronisation with Campaignmaster.

Data Sync

What’s a CRM?

The core of your email marketing activities revolves around subscriber data. Names, email addresses, preferences, purchase dates etc… The more data you have on your subscribers, the more relevant and successful your campaigns will become.

Most businesses store this data in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases. If this sounds like you, we’ve got some good news.

Campaignmaster synchronises with many popular CRM systems including Salesforce, Sage ACT! and SQL databases allowing either one or two way data synchronisation.

Why synchronise with Campaignmaster?

If you have a CRM system, then synchronising it with Campaignmaster really is a no-brainer. All of your subscriber lists will be uploaded automatically, along with any other data you wish to keep in sync. No more running reports and manually uploading each time you wish to send a campaign.

  • Automatic subscriber data uploads
  • Data is always fresh and up-to-date
  • Data is synchronised both to and from Campaignmaster
  • Easy multi-channel unsubscribes
  • More targeted campaigns

Do you synchronise with my CRM?

We’ve got a wide range of CRM connectors available, so we can have your synchronisation with Campaignmaster up and running in no time. Don’t worry if you can’t see your CRM below, we can setup a bespoke synchronisation solution just for you.

Is there another way to synchronise?

If you have a specialist CRM system, you can plug it directly into the Campaignmaster API for two way data synchronisation. Data can also be imported via FTP, email or retrieved from an SQL database.

SalesforceSageAPIFTPMaximizer CRMMagentoSQLEmailGoldmineIris IntegraMS-Dynamicsopen crm.jpg

Our API speaks your language

Got your own in-house CRM system? No problem. You can plug any database into the Campaignmaster API for full two-way data synchronisation.

You won’t be alone either, we’ll provide all the support and documentation you need to setup your own bespoke synchronisation solution.


Integration Applications

Our Integration Applications go further then just synchronisation alone. Access Campaignmaster from inside your CRM system, with the ability to create subscriber lists, launch campaigns and view reporting without ever needing to login to Campaignmaster directly.


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