Mobile Optimisation

With over 50% of all email being read on a mobile device, it’s more important than ever to make sure your campaigns look great on them.

Mobile Opens in 2013

Mobile devices can have a lot of trouble trying to fit a full-size email on a small screen. Text is tiny, buttons and links are hard to use and subscribers need to pinch and zoom around content. It’s hardly an ideal way to interact with your brand, and people quickly lose interest.

A Campaignmaster optimised email can automatically detect which device it’s being read on, and change its content accordingly. Text size increases, buttons and links are large and easy to use and there’s no need for any of that zooming business.

You can even show or hide specific content depending on what mobile device your email is being read on. To find out how mobile optimisation can work for you, get in touch with us below.

Check out one our latest mobile optimised email campaigns


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