Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Only show subscribers what they need to see, and hide what they don’t through dynamic content.

Imagine if every book, magazine or newspaper only contained information relevant to the person reading it. That’s Dynamic Content.

By using Dynamic Content in a campaign, every element can be tailored to each individual subscriber’s interests. Text, images, links, everything.

If you’re sending out a global events newsletter, rather than sending out a separate campaign for each location (e.g. London, Paris, New York), you can send out a single campaign that automatically displays local events for each subscriber. No matter where they are in the world.*

You can take it one step further and set your email to display in the native language of the subscriber too.

Dynamic Content can be used to create highly targeted campaigns, resulting in increased subscriber activity and fewer unsubscribes.

* Dynamic Content targeting is based on your own subscriber data.

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