Easy Automation


So you would like to send your emails out automatically? Here is how you can do this in a very simple and intuitive way.

RSSRSS Automation

Insert your web site RSS feed directly into your campaign and send it. That is it! Our platform will grab the latest content from your web site and publish it automatically into the campaign. Combine this with our Recurring Campaigns module you can even schedule a campaign to go out every month and pretty much forget it! How’s that for reducing your workflow!

TriggersTriggered Automation

What about sending an automatic email based on an action by a recipient? No problem – you can do this easily with our Trigger Campaigns module. This module allows you set up easily send a campaign based on an action such as a click or an open.

Lead Nurturing

What is Lead Nurturing?

The process of building relationships with qualified prospects regardless of their timing to buy, with the goal of earning their business when they are ready.

Why do we need it?

Companies that use lead nurturing experience a 45% lift in lead generation ROI. Marketing Sherpa
Companies that use lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost. Forrester Research

How does it work?

It begins by first identifying a business’s sales cycle. The example on the right is an example of a typical sales cycle.

Once you have identified your sales cycle, it is then necessary to plan your campaigns using the Recurring Campaigns module. Below is an example of how the series of campaigns begin on Day 0


An example of a Business Sales Cycle

  • Day 0: Introductory email
  • Day 2:Campaigns offering new content based on subscriber clicks
  • Day 4: Personal email from Lead owner
  • Day 7: Call from Lead owner
  • Day 10: Email promoting objective
  • Day 12: Personal email from Lead owner offering demonstration
  • Day 15: Call from Sales requesting meeting
  • Day 17: Send proposal

Day 0: Introductory Email

Lead Nurturing
Lead Nurturing

Day 0: Introductory Email – clicks

Recipients click on links which are designed to update the database and in the process segment them: “Interested in tax” and/or “Callback about Tax”

Lead Nurturing Clicks

Day 2: Campaigns offering new content based on subscriber clicks.

Clicking on any link can move the subscriber into any point in the Sales Cycle

Lead Nurturing Clicks

In practice Lead Nurturing offers a very powerful process for fully qualifying leads by moving them closer to your objective of signing them as clients.


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