Comprehensive Platform Integrations


The Campaignmaster Salesforce application allows you to send and manage campaigns directly inside Salesforce. Salesforce contacts can be quickly added to a subscriber list, and campaigns can be launched without ever needing to login to Campaignmaster.

  • Create Subscriber Lists
  • Fully test & launch campaigns
  • View reporting statistics
  • No technical knowledge required

MS Dynamics

Campaignmaster’s Microsoft Dynamics integration allows two-way data synchronisation, in addition to displaying campaign statistics and reporting right inside the Dynamics interface.

  • Create subscriber lists
  • Data synchronisation
  • Automation setup
  • View reporting statistics
  • Automatically update Dynamics with campaign behavioural information

Sage ACT

The Campaignmaster Sage ACT! application can be accessed directly within Sage ACT! for data synchronisation and reporting statistics without the need to login to Campaignmaster.

  • Scheduled & manual data synchronisation
  • Full Campaignmaster field mapping
  • Subscriber level reporting in Sage ACT! Contacts

Sage CRM

Campaignmaster’s Sage CRM integration allows two-way data synchronisation, in addition to displaying campaign statistics and reporting right inside the interface.

  • Data synchronisation
  • Automation setup


The Campaignmaster Magento integration provides a unidirectional transfer of contact data and abandoned cart from a Magento installation to Campaignmaster.

The needs to manually export, manipulate, verify and import or export data from your Magento installation and the time taken to achieve this process is removed. The integration is installed into Magento and seamlessly allows data transfer without the need for any technical knowledge.

  • Upload contacts and abandoned cart to your account
  • Mapping area to synchronise Magento database fields with Campaignmaster fields


A pure API integration – you make the data calls via our stable and well documented API. We offer a variety of API calls depending on your requirements, whether it is creating a simple list or creating a whole campaign.

Campaignmaster API Calls

Simple integrations; One way synchronisation of your data

You may not require a full platform integration, in which case we have simple and just as efficient one way data synchronisation.


Simply create a CSV and email it to an address on our platform and we will process the data into your account. You can auto schedule the email at your convenience and safe in the knowledge that your contact data is upto date.


As in the Email Address push above the first step involves creating a CSV. This is then saved in a folder on your server, our service will then securely connect via SFTP, grab the CSV and process it into your account.


Install the application and connect it to your database server and schedule the data push to your account. You can connect existing table or views or build a custom view and connect that to your account.

For any other CRM

Please speak to us if you require any further information on any kind of data integration


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